Musikproduktion Gallaghers Twin 2

Die Album Produktion mit den Gallaghers Twin geht weiter. Bislang sind 5 Songs produziert worden, die kurz vor dem Mastering stehen. Hier und da sind noch Kleinigkeiten zu polieren. Die Musikproduktion, welche hauptsächlich für den US-Amerikanischen Markt entsteht, hat schon sehr erstaunliche Bewertungen bei ReverbNation eingebracht.

Hier ein paar Auszüge:


“this is a positive and tune full song. the light instrumentals are amused in this song, there attractive and expressive. the singer in this gives a very personable performance, has a very settling and at ease voice. the lyrics in this are well done, there in good taste, are effective in the words.”

“Good use of the harmonica at the beginning and it is not overused in the rest of the song as is the case in many folk and country songs. The vocals are reasonable and they lyrics good. The US would probably be the target market with this song,”
“This song sounds like it could be in a commercial. The vocals are perfect for the happy mood, and the lyrics are memorable. The guitar, bass, and drums work well together, and the harmonica melodies are floating like carefree breezes on top of everything. Very nice and simple!”

“wow a harmonica. Love that.Nice mix of strings . Lyrics tempos rhythm and volume is very good .Great feeling. Living his life like he wants and some times you dont have a choice .Voice is ok easy to listen to.Has little.vocal blend with backups is good.Nice harmonica throughout.”

“Sounds so country and nice to the ear. I love the message of the song. It is a good song about love which most song nowadays don’t care about adding into their song anymore. I love the voice of the guy who is singing this as well as the background instrument. The rhythm is very good too as well as the tempo. Over all I think this has a chance to be on top country song.”

“My foot was tapping from the beginning, lyrics are easy to understand and are clear, vocals match the instrumentals and compliment each other well, very ’sing-a-long‘ kind of song, harmonica and xylophone was played well”
“This folk/country song is great! The bells in the background are so nice. The occasional harmonica is nice too. The voice reminds me of Bob Dylan or one of the other greats. Could definitely listen to this with my father.”

“This song begins with a guitar and harmonica melody. It has a bluesy/contemporary feel. The singer has a low voice that is even and appealing. The lyrics are well written…“a simple love is all I need.“ As I listen to this song, I feel happy. It puts me in a good mood. There are some neat harmonica solos in the middle. This song would do well in the contemporary pop genre.”

“The harmonica being played in this song along with the guitar is what you would hear in commercials. The song comes off a little bit of soft rock with a mix of blues. The lyrics talk about life and love that all he needs. The song comes off as relax and serious. This is the kind of song you could listen to while traveling and contemplating. The instruments are up to beat on its tempo and uniqueness.”

“Sweet and soulful sounds of a harmonica that lead flawlessly to the harmonic sounds of a piano. The vocals are the right feel for this song. Once the bass guitar kicks in, there are some serious bass lines in this tune. Overall, this song is positive and liberating. I enjoyed listening to it!”